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Holistic Therapies

Alternative Options for Drug Rehabilitation & Support in Pennsylvania

When you are facing problems with substance abuse, it is important to seek treatment that caters to the whole person, rather than just the addiction. As you undergo the process of detox and rehabilitation, you may need the added support of holistic therapies to help you on the road to recovery. Retreat at Lancaster County offers a wide range of alternative therapies that can prove beneficial to people from all walks of life.

The Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Recovery

When you are beginning a new life as a sober person, there are many resources available to help you achieve focus, learn self-care, and maintain a positive outlook. It’s important to remember that not all approaches work for every individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all way to recover from an addiction. That is why a holistic approach that utilizes multiple therapies may be ideal for anyone struggling with addiction and is working toward a productive and balanced lifestyle.

Our Holistic Electives

The guiding principle of the holistic approach is to focus on the whole patient, rather than utilizing a symptom-based approach to healing. The holistic therapies below work in harmony with clinical treatments, including psychological counseling and physician-supervised inpatient detox, to promote an effective approach to recovery.

  • Yoga. Our weekly yoga classes combine the benefits of exercise and meditation, allowing you to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and improve sleep. Yoga is also a low-impact activity, so it can be appropriate for patients with more limited physical capabilities.
  • Massage therapy. Designed to further promote a sense of calmness and offer relief for any physical pain or discomfort, massage therapy is another component of the holistic approach at our center. Touch therapies like massage not only relieve muscle tension and reduce pain, but they can promote feelings of happiness as well.
  • Equine. Research indicates that Equine Therapy can be effective in the treatment of addiction(s), emotional trauma including PTSD, atypical behaviors, self-worth issues, abuse, anxiety and depression. Retreat offers patients time with their two beautiful horses that can improve the occupational, physical and/or emotional well-being of participants
  • Art and music therapy. Visual art and music can provide considerable benefits by decreasing stress and allowing creative avenues of expression. Because addiction is often associated with psychological issues, it can be beneficial to explore healthy expressive outlets to work through negative thoughts and feelings. Art and music therapy are non-threatening modalities that provide individuals with a safe way to express themselves and release emotions.
  • Culinary and gardening. At our center, patients can learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals for themselves. They will also be able to participate in a community garden, which provides them with the opportunity to cultivate and pick vegetables that will be used in meals offered at our cafeteria.

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