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What Happens to Your Heart on Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant that can create a wide range of health problems, including cardiovascular issues like heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest. Aside from the immediate cardiac risks of cocaine ...
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Understanding the Relevance of Gender-Specific Rehab

Addiction is a common disease, but it presents unique challenges for every patient. Therefore, it is not appropriate to utilize a one-size-fits-all approach in addiction recovery programs. ...
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Answering Family Members' Questions About a Loved One's Addiction

When someone is struggling with addiction, he or she is not the only one suffering as a result of drug or alcohol dependence. Watching a loved one become entangled with substance abuse can be ...
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Making the Transition from Detox to Rehab

Detox is a necessary step in recovery for individuals breaking an addiction to alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and other recreational drugs that create powerful physical dependencies with continued use. In ...
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Coping with Guilt During Recovery

Guilt is a feeling that is common with drug and alcohol addiction, and it is a frequent relapse trigger for many individuals who have gone through treatment with an addiction recovery program. ...
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Getting Real About Relapse

It’s commonly said that relapse is another part of the lifelong process of addiction recovery. Although relapse is certainly best avoided whenever possible, the important lesson to be learned is ...
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Comparing Physical Dependence and Addiction

At a drug rehab, you will learn about the progressive nature of drug addiction and its causes. Drug rehabilitation specialists recognize that physical dependence and addiction are not the same ...
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Exploring the Inpatient Detoxification Process

Once an addict has reached the decision to seek help, the first step in addiction recovery is detoxification. Since drug and alcohol addictions can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms, it is highly ...
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Supporting a Family Member During Treatment

When family members and friends take an active role in addiction recovery, recovery rates improve. If your loved one is entering a drug rehab, you can support him or her by learning about the nature ...
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How Holistic Therapies Support Recovery

Addiction is a unique disease. It involves psychological and physical health issues, in addition to changing family dynamics and other aspects of life. Because of this, many people who are struggling ...
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Helping a Loved One Who Is Struggling with Drug Addiction

Friends and family can play an important role in addiction treatment, especially when it comes to identifying a substance abuse problem in a loved one and offering help. Because drug and alcohol abuse ...
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Understanding Drug Abuse

When entering a drug rehab program, it is helpful to understand what drug abuse is and why it is harmful. In this video, you can hear some examples of drug abuse that will showcase how this problem ...
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Understanding Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP

At Retreat at Lancaster County, our Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP, offers personalized treatment options for drug addiction in Pennsylvania. PHP is a day program designed for people who need ...
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The Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Recognizing the signs of alcohol addiction in yourself or a loved one is not always easy. What are the indications that alcohol use has become an issue? Watch this video to learn the signs. One of the ...
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A Look at Addiction Recovery Tools and Coping Skills

We find that people who enter drug and alcohol rehab in Pennsylvania at our Lancaster County facility can feel overwhelmed by their addiction. However, in treatment, you will learn a variety of coping ...
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