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Coping with Addiction Cravings

During recovery and sober living, cravings for drug or alcohol are one of the biggest challenges that former addicts may face. While cravings will likely be most frequent in the early stages of ...
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Getting Real About Relapse

It’s commonly said that relapse is another part of the lifelong process of addiction recovery. Although relapse is certainly best avoided whenever possible, the important lesson to be learned is ...
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How Do Addictions Develop?

One of the issues you will explore at drug rehabilitation is how your addiction began. You’ll learn to identify the triggers that may have led to your initial drug use as well as how drug ...
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4 Facets of Long-Term Recovery

Addiction is a complex disease and addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. Even after you successfully complete your treatment program, you may find that living in sobriety requires a conscious ...
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Drug Addiction Risk Factors

A drug addiction is often accompanied by co-existing mental conditions or emotional trauma, and pinpointing these risk factors and triggers can be essential for effective treatment in an addiction ...
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What Is Inpatient Detox?

For many people seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, drug detox will be the first step in breaking a dependency on these substances. Inpatient detox is a process through which withdrawal ...
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Touring Our Specialized Programming Services

At Retreat, we believe that successful drug and alcohol treatment nationwide, including Pennsylvania requires personalized care. Our inpatient drug rehab has a number of specialized programming ...
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Understanding Your Alcoholism Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for alcohol addiction in the US, especially in Pennsylvania. Oftentimes, alcohol rehab must be personalized and involves multiple treatment strategies, so that ...
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A Look at What to Expect During Addiction Recovery

If you have been struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, then you may already know that addiction recovery is an ongoing process. In fact, your recovery will last the rest of your life. At our ...
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Understanding the Medical Definition of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that leads to numerous physical, mental, behavioral, societal, and familial consequences. There is a fine line between drug or alcohol abuse and ...
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