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Getting Real About Relapse

It’s commonly said that relapse is another part of the lifelong process of addiction recovery. Although relapse is certainly best avoided whenever possible, the important lesson to be learned is to never give up working on addiction recovery. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you relapse once or 10 times; you will always find the help you need to get back on track at an addiction treatment center. drug relapse pennsylvania

Risks of Relapse

The risk of relapse exists for every addict; however, those who have recently left a drug rehab are at a particularly high risk. During the first few months, those recovering from drug addiction are typically trying to rebuild their lives in the community, reach out to family and friends, and deal with a range of difficult emotions. Without a strong network of support, it can be difficult to get through this initial period. After the first year or so, recovery may become easier. At some point; however, some recovering addicts may begin to wonder if they could occasionally use drugs or alcohol without having problems. These thinking patterns can easily lead to relapse.

Process of Relapse

Some drug rehabilitation experts have suggested that relapse can develop as a gradual process. It may begin with the feeling that one is “stuck” in the recovery process. The individual may begin to use unhealthy coping strategies to try to overcome this. Then, a trigger event may occur that exacerbates difficult emotions. The individual may experience feelings of being out of control. He or she may turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve the stress.

Triggers for Relapse

There are many possible triggers for drug and alcohol relapse, including challenging feelings such as anger, loneliness, self-pity, and frustration. Being over-confident about one’s recovery, being dishonest to others, or taking recovery for granted can contribute to relapses.

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