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Exploring the Link Between Nutrition and Recovery

It’s often thought that in the initial stages of addiction recovery, nutrition is of little concern, given the more pressing problem of drug addiction. Yet, well-balanced nutrition is essential for improving one’s physical and mental health. Consider choosing an addiction treatment center that emphasizes the importance of holistic treatment, including sound nutrition. addiction recovery pennsylvania

Identifying Nutritional Problems

There are a number of reasons why good nutrition is especially important for individuals who are battling drug and alcohol addictions. When using a drug has become the highest priority for a person, healthy lifestyle habits tend to be neglected. Drug addicts and alcoholics are known for eating poorly. Additionally, the drugs and alcohol can contribute to nutritional deficiencies. Since opiates cause gastrointestinal problems, nutritional deficiencies are likely. Individuals who abuse stimulants tend to experience a drastic decline in appetite. Alcohol is another common culprit of nutritional deficiencies, since it inhibits the ability of the body to break down and absorb nutrients.

Correcting Physical Deficits

After going through drug detox, patients can begin to repair their damaged bodies through proper nutrition. It’s not unusual for drug addicts and alcoholics to have sustained damage to the internal organs and other tissues. They may even have decreased bone mass due to insufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D. A well-balanced diet gives the body the nutrients it needs to begin repairing the tissues and strengthening the immune system.

Enhancing Emotional Wellness

Addiction recovery is a complex, lifelong journey that involves caring for both body and mind – and nutrition is closely linked to mental health. Eating well can help support self-esteem and contribute to overall feelings of well-being. Additionally, some foods may even influence serotonin levels in the brain, which encourages a positive mood.

Retreat at Lancaster County is a luxurious drug detox center that features holistic therapies and a community garden. We encourage patients to enjoy fresh home cooked created by our culinary staff. If you have any questions about admissions, you can speak with a friendly staff member by calling (717) 859-8000.

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