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Comparing Physical Dependence and Addiction

At a drug rehab, you will learn about the progressive nature of drug addiction and its causes. Drug rehabilitation specialists recognize that physical dependence and addiction are not the same problem. When a person first begins to use or abuse a drug, his or her body and mind may respond predictably to the substance. With continued use, the same dosage no longer results in the initial effects. The individual has adapted to the drug and requires a higher dosage to achieve the desired effects. This is known as physical tolerance of the drug. It can lead to physical dependence, which causes the individual to experience withdrawal effects when the substance is no longer present in the body.

Physical dependence often goes hand-in-hand with drug addiction, although it is possible for a person to have physical dependence without being addicted. Alcoholism or drug addiction occurs when the individual is unable to stop abusing the drug despite experiencing adverse consequences. He or she feels compelled to continue its use.

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