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Important Information About Drug Detox

Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and opioid prescription painkillers can all change the way that the brain and body work, causing users of these substances to take higher and higher doses to feel normal. When a person stops using these drugs, severe symptoms of withdrawal may set in, causing an immediate hurdle in the person’s recovery that may lead to a relapse. Inpatient drug detoxification can help in the management of withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, insomnia, sweating, hallucinations, fatigue, and seizures, creating a smoother transition to a rehabilitation program for long-term recovery. This article will explore some key points about drug detox that you should know before seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one. drug detox

There are different types of detox programs

Not all detox programs are alike, as some will only provide medication with patients seen on an outpatient basis, while others focus on a patient-centered approach with inpatient care and medical monitoring to manage symptoms. Choosing the more hands-on care of inpatient detox can provide a more comprehensive introduction to rehabilitation and ensure a more complete recovery.

Drug detox is only the first step in recovery

Regardless of which type of drug detox you choose, you should recognize that it is only the first step in the process. Through detox, the body is able to break its physical dependency on a drug, so the treatment process can focus on the underlying factors of addiction without the distraction of withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological care is integral to the detox process

Withdrawal can raise symptoms like depression and anxiety, which should be met with psychological care to prevent relapse. Individuals who relapse during the detox process may be at high risk for an overdose, which can lead to serious health complications including fatality.

Retreat at Lancaster County is dedicated to patient-centered care for drug detoxification in an inpatient setting, where patients are surrounded with scenic views in comfortable accommodations to promote the healing process. To learn more about our programs with customized treatment and recovery planning, call us at (717) 859-8000 today.

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