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How Holistic Therapies Support Recovery

Addiction is a unique disease. It involves psychological and physical health issues, in addition to changing family dynamics and other aspects of life. Because of this, many people who are struggling with addiction find that it’s helpful to take a holistic approach. Instead of merely treating the symptoms of the problem, the holistic approach speaks to the needs of the whole person. Although holistic therapies do not replace the need for detoxification and drug rehabilitation, they can certainly support an individual as he or she works toward addiction recovery. holistic therapy pennsylvania

Holistic Therapies Teach Coping Skills

Going through drug detoxification is only the first step toward addiction recovery. To truly recover from addiction, the patient must explore the reasons for substance abuse. Substance abuse often develops from stressors such as childhood trauma. To successfully overcome an addiction, the patient must learn alternative coping skills. One way holistic therapies can help support addiction recovery is by providing a healthier avenue of self-expression. Holistic therapies such as equine therapy, art and music therapy, massage therapy, and yoga can reinforce coping skills by promoting healthy stress management and peace of mind. Additionally, patients may find holistic therapies help them find a more harmonious balance in life.

Holistic Therapies Can Increase Patient Satisfaction

Drug rehabilitation is a very challenging process, even when the patient receives extensive support from licensed therapists and from family members. Delving into the underlying causes of addiction will force patients to confront inner turmoil and deep-seated psychological problems. By complementing traditional group and one-on-one therapies with holistic therapies, patients may experience a greater level of satisfaction with the recovery process and they may be more likely to avoid relapse.

Retreat at Lancaster County offers holistic therapies in Pennsylvania as well as customized treatment programs. At our addiction treatment center, you can combine detoxification and rehabilitation therapies with holistic practices to support your sobriety. Call (717) 859-8000 or visit our website to learn more.

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