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Breaking Down Dangerous Myths About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects countless individuals across the country. It is a disease that takes a heavy toll on a person’s health, relationships, career, and all other aspects of life. Like other forms of drug addiction, alcoholism is also damaging for family members and friends of the alcoholic. Although alcoholism is so widespread, there are still some lingering misconceptions about this disease and about alcoholism treatment. alcoholism treatment pennsylvania

Myth: Alcoholics Are All Unemployed

One of the dangerous myths about alcoholism is that a person cannot truly be an alcoholic if he or she is still able to hold down a job. In fact, countless alcoholics do still manage to function. Commonly known as high-functioning alcoholics, these individuals may go to work every day, pay their bills, and maintain relationships with their friends and family members. However, unless a high-functioning alcoholic recognizes that he or she has a problem and seeks help, his or her drinking will eventually catch up to them. This may take the form of legal trouble, marriage problems, or job loss.

Myth: Having an Occasional Drink is Harmless

Alcoholism treatment is a lifelong process. Long after an individual leaves alcohol rehab, he or she must put in effort every day to maintain sobriety. Many alcoholics have relapsed because they think that having just one or two drinks every now and then is harmless. However, the only way to maintain sobriety is to avoid alcohol entirely.

Myth: Alcoholics Can Only Recover After Hitting Rock Bottom

Another dangerous myth about alcoholism is that alcoholism treatment will only work if the individual has already hit rock bottom. In other words, the individual needs to lose his or her job, go through divorce, lose his or her home, or get arrested for DUI before he or she is ready to seek help. In fact, an alcoholic can and should seek treatment sooner, rather than later.

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