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Blog Posts in January, 2016

Supporting a Family Member During Treatment

When family members and friends take an active role in addiction recovery, recovery rates improve. If your loved one is entering a drug rehab, you can support him or her by learning about the nature ...
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How Holistic Therapies Support Recovery

Addiction is a unique disease. It involves psychological and physical health issues, in addition to changing family dynamics and other aspects of life. Because of this, many people who are struggling ...
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Comparing Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Retreat at Lancaster County offers a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to meet the diverse needs of our patients as they work through addiction recovery. ...
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Breaking Down Dangerous Myths About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects countless individuals across the country. It is a disease that takes a heavy toll on a person’s health, relationships, career, and all other aspects ...
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Drug Addiction Risk Factors

A drug addiction is often accompanied by co-existing mental conditions or emotional trauma, and pinpointing these risk factors and triggers can be essential for effective treatment in an addiction ...
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The Benefits of Holistic Therapy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having someone you care about struggle with substance abuse can be very difficult. Addiction can have serious ramifications on your personal, professional, and social life, and may cause problems with ...
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Helping a Loved One Who Is Struggling with Drug Addiction

Friends and family can play an important role in addiction treatment, especially when it comes to identifying a substance abuse problem in a loved one and offering help. Because drug and alcohol abuse ...
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Spotlight on Innovative Alcohol Rehab Methods

Seeking help for alcohol addiction can be a monumental step toward sober living, but it is important to recognize that not all treatment programs are the same. While many—including the programs ...
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Important Information About Drug Detox

Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and opioid prescription painkillers can all change the way that the brain and body work, causing users of these substances to take higher and higher doses to feel ...
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Understanding Drug Abuse

When entering a drug rehab program, it is helpful to understand what drug abuse is and why it is harmful. In this video, you can hear some examples of drug abuse that will showcase how this problem ...
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