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How Do Addictions Develop?

One of the issues you will explore at drug rehabilitation is how your addiction began. You’ll learn to identify the triggers that may have led to your initial drug use as well as how drug addiction develops over time. Understanding the nature of alcoholism and drug addiction is an essential step in addiction recovery. addiction education pennsylvania

Risk Factors of Drug Addiction

Some individuals are able to use prescription painkillers properly or to drink the occasional glass of wine without developing an addiction. Other people are at a high risk of developing addictions due to factors such as a family history of addiction or a personal medical history of mental health disorders. Other risk factors of drug addiction include a history of traumatic experiences, such as childhood neglect or abuse. Of course, having one or more risk factors of drug addiction does not automatically mean that addiction will develop, but it is important for individuals to be aware of the risks.

Initial Use of Drugs

Addictions generally do not develop overnight. A person’s initial use of drugs or alcohol may seem harmless at first. He or she may experiment with drugs to fit in with friends. Gradually, drug use may increase. It is a major red flag for a person to use drugs as a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, or depression. Using drugs to cope with problems or to fill the emptiness in one’s life can readily lead to addiction.

Development of Addiction

The individual needs to take increasing amounts of the drug to experience the same effects when the body adapts to the substance. Eventually, obtaining and using the drug becomes the utmost priority for the person. As addiction develops, the individual feels a compulsion to continue using the drug, despite the adverse consequences of doing so. These may include legal problems, deteriorated relationships, and financial difficulties.

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