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Examining the Characteristics of MDMA Abuse

MDMA, also known as ecstasy or Molly, is a psychoactive drug. There are no acceptable medical uses of MDMA. The drug first came into widespread use at nightclubs and raves in the U.S. Individuals would use this drug to heighten their emotional response to music and dancing. However, MDMA can cause serious harm to those who use it. Users run the risk of life-threatening complications. Although addiction recovery is never easy, MDMA users can find the help they need at a drug rehab.

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Personality Changes

MDMA affects the balance of chemicals in the brain. Initially, users experience the pleasurable feeling of euphoria. They may feel a surge of empathy toward other people, decreased feelings of anxiety, and a general sense of well-being. These initial effects may last about three to six hours. For about one week after MDMA use (or for some users, even longer), the initial pleasurable feelings are replaced by anxiety, irritability, sadness, and restlessness. Users may also report impulsiveness and even aggressiveness. Additionally, their mental acuity can significantly decline.

Physical Effects

MDMA abuse has a number of ill health effects, including short-term and long-term problems. Some of the potential short-term effects of MDMA abuse include nausea, chills, sweating, blurry vision, and muscle cramping. Users may involuntarily clench the jaw and engage in teeth grinding. It’s not uncommon for MDMA users to suffer from sleep disturbances, rapid heartbeat, and faintness.

Life-Threatening Complications

There are a number of life-threatening complications that can occur as a result of MDMA abuse. Users run the risk of developing heart arrhythmias, which refer to abnormal heart rhythms. Over time, they may suffer from heart failure, in which the heart is no longer able to pump enough blood. Kidney failure can occur, which leads to the need for dialysis to preserve life. On a short-term basis, one common life-threatening complication is hyperthermia or heatstroke. Another possible complication is hyponatremia, which refers to electrolyte imbalances that can become deadly.

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