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4 Facets of Long-Term Recovery

Addiction is a complex disease and addiction recovery is a lifelong journey. Even after you successfully complete your treatment program, you may find that living in sobriety requires a conscious effort every day. At an addiction treatment center, you’ll learn the coping skills that will help you stay sober even after you leave. You’ll also learn how to care for your physical and mental well-being to support your lifelong addiction recovery. addiction recovery pennsylvania

Physical and Emotional Well-Being

The first pillar of addiction recovery is physical and mental health. When you first sought help for your drug addiction, you went through inpatient detox to get the substance out of your body. Now that your body can begin repairing itself, you’ll need to make the right lifestyle choices every day to support your health. It is just as vital to support your mental health. If you have a co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety, you may need to continue working with a mental health counselor to manage these issues.

Stable Environment

Environmental factors can heavily influence a person’s addiction recovery. During your individual and group counseling sessions at the drug rehab, you’ll learn of the importance of avoiding environmental triggers that may lead to relapse. This may include avoiding friends with whom you used to drink or use drugs. It may also mean avoiding the places that you associate with drug or alcohol use. A stable and safe home environment is essential for long-term recovery.

Meaningful Activity

Now that drug abuse is no longer your focus in life, you need to look elsewhere to gain a sense of purpose. Holding down a job, repairing family relationships, and volunteering in the community are all good steps to take.

Support Networks

Drug rehab provides a close-knit community and extensive support services. After you leave, you can benefit from continuing to attend group meetings and perhaps individual counseling sessions. Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your recovery.

The clinicians at Retreat at Lancaster County are dedicated to giving our patients the tools and resources they need for lifelong addiction recovery. After completing your drug rehabilitation at Retreat, you are invited to join our Alumni Group, which offers a safe haven for those living in recovery. If you have questions about our treatment program in Pennsylvania, please call (717) 859-8000 today.

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