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Answering Family Members' Questions About a Loved One's Addiction

When someone is struggling with addiction, he or she is not the only one suffering as a result of drug or alcohol dependence. Watching a loved one become entangled with substance abuse can be troubling for parents, friends, and relatives, who might experience a number of emotional challenges as the result of someone else’s addiction. Still, it is important for friends and family members to understand their loved one’s addiction, because they can be incredibly helpful throughout the treatment process at an addiction recovery center. This article will answer some common questions that relatives may ask as they see a loved one try to break the bonds of drug or alcohol addiction. family education program pennsylvania

Why does my loved one keep using drugs?

When friends and family members have communicated with an addict about drug use, it can be particularly hurtful to see the addict continue to use. However, you should understand that drug addiction is complex, and it is driven by a number of psychological and physical factors that can cause an individual to ignore the behavioral consequences of drug or alcohol abuse.

What can I do to support my loved one in treatment?

If your loved one has agreed to seek professional help with a treatment program, there are steps you can take to offer support and ease the transition from treatment to sober living. Through a family education program within the treatment center, you can learn about the details of addiction, the patterns of codependent behavior you will want to break, and effective communication skills to use with your loved one.

Am I at fault for my loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse?

It is important to recognize that addiction is a disease, so it should not be considered the fault of any particular individual. If you are struggling with feelings of guilt in regards to your loved one’s addiction, seeking personal counseling can be helpful in coping emotionally.

At Retreat at Lancaster County, addiction recovery is supported with our Family Education Program. To learn more about this program, call (717) 859-8000.

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