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What Are the Most Common Drug Rehab Approaches?

If you’re exploring addiction recovery resources near Pennsylvania, you’ve probably noticed that many residential treatment facilities provide similar programming. Addiction recovery typically starts with drug detoxification, followed by inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation. The programming is similar in many addiction treatment centers because it is evidence-based. However, it’s a good idea to look for a drug rehab that goes above and beyond these standard treatments. Patients often find success when they enter into rehabs that provide individualized care, peaceful surroundings, holistic treatment options, and a full suite of support services. addiction recovery in pennsylvania

Inpatient Drug Detoxification
Getting drugs or alcohol out of the body is the first step toward addiction recovery. It’s highly advisable to go through detox in an inpatient facility that provides 24/7 medical monitoring. Unless properly managed by medical staff, the symptoms of drug or alcohol detox can easily lead to relapse. In some cases, detox can even be life-threatening. Patients can detox safely in a medically monitored environment staffed by physicians and nurses.

Behavioral TherapyOnce the patient has completed detox, he or she is ready to begin drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Although medication management may be helpful for certain patients, rehabilitation often focuses on behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy is typically available in both individual and group sessions. Additionally, some drug treatment facilities provide family education programs. Behavioral therapy involves the recognition that underlying problems led to drug addiction, not the drug itself. In therapy sessions, patients learn how to identify these problems and use alternative methods of coping.

12-Step Programs
The 12-step approach is widely considered to be a cornerstone of addiction recovery. These types of programs involve acknowledging the problem, undergoing intensive self-scrutiny, and making amends. At a drug rehab, patients might attend a 12-step meeting each evening.

Holistic Approaches
In addition to evidence-based approaches, some premier drug rehab centers may offer holistic treatment options. Many patients choose to combine behavioral therapy with holistic approaches because of the emphasis on mindfulness, spiritual growth, and positive living. Holistic therapies can also help patients learn healthy methods of coping with stressors. Some examples of these therapies include art therapy, gardening, equine therapy, massage, yoga, and music therapy.

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