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A Look at What to Expect During Addiction Recovery

If you have been struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, then you may already know that addiction recovery is an ongoing process. In fact, your recovery will last the rest of your life. At our treatment program in Pennsylvania, you will develop all the tools you need to maintain your sobriety. When it’s time to leave the treatment center and adapt to living in your community again, remember that additional support is just a phone call away. You can always get back in touch with the drug rehab staff if need be. addiction recovery in pennsylvania

Adjusting to Difficult Emotions

Every recovering addict has a unique experience when adapting to daily life in the outside world. However, it is common to experience feelings of sadness and anxiety, particularly during the first few weeks. If these feelings persist, are severe, or place you at risk of relapse, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help. You can talk to your family doctor, therapist, or the rehab team about overcoming these feelings in a safe and healthy manner.

Structuring Your Daily Routine

Structure is crucial for addiction recovery, particularly during the first year. You should create a written schedule of your activities for each day, which can help you focus on your current activity and what you’ll need to do next—rather than drugs or alcohol. Even if you aren’t yet returning to work, you can fill your days with activities such as finding and attending local groups, taking care of housework, exercising, and preparing nutritious meals. Social support groups can also help you find the support you need to feel strong and confident in your post-addiction life.

Interacting with Family Members

Your family may invite you to social gatherings soon after you leave drug rehab. Although drug addiction affects the whole family, you shouldn’t feel obligated to place yourself in situations that are still difficult for you. Discuss your addiction recovery with your family and remind them that it’s an ongoing process that you need to work on every day. When you are ready to attend social gatherings with family members, make sure they understand that alcohol cannot be available. Likewise, avoid meeting your friends unless you are sure that drugs and alcohol will not be present. If you do inadvertently get into a situation in which you might be tempted to relapse, you should already have a plan for how you will respond.

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