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Are Kids Being Overprescribed Adderall? Creating Addiction?

adderall kids prescription school study drugs

Adderall is becoming one of the most widely prescribed drugs in America. It's widely used to treat ADHD symptoms. It's also used recreationally as a so-called "study drug," or simply as a stimulant.

Is our society overprescribing Adderall? Marilyn Wedge writes in Time magazine that America is definitely overprescribing this stimulant drug. The main victims, according to her, are America's children.

kids adderall school addiction study drugAdderall Prescriptions in America

There's a very high rate of prescription for Adderall in this country. At any given time, 10% of high school boys are using Adderall or another ADHD medication. Wedge argues that it's a case of over-diagnosing ADHD. With 13.2% of boys diagnosed with ADHD, and 5.6% of girls, that's a large proportion of the population that's been diagnosed.

Wedge argues that diagnosing ADHD in so many schoolchildren has actually turned normal childhood into a disorder. Boys are naturally fidgety and full of energy, she says. Giving them medication might just be interfering with their true selves.

The Connection with Adderall Addiction

Adderall is also widely used as a recreational drug. Most famously, it's used by high school and college students in order to pull all-nighters, study or write term papers. Even outside the academic realm, Adderall is used as a stimulant.

The CDC believes that the main source for prescription drug abuse is prescribers. Whether or not Wedge's argument turns out to be valid, we as a society do have to face the potentially dangerous consequences of overprescribing drugs.

Adderall Addiction Rehab and Pennsylvania

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