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Party Drug "Molly" Sends 10 College Students to Hospital

Not everyone has heard of "Molly," one of the newer drugs to become popular among youths. However, Molly is just another form of Ecstasy (or MDMA), and most people are familiar with the dangers found in that party particular drug.

Now, showing just how dangerous Molly can be, 12 young people (including 10 college students) have been hospitalized after taking a "bad batch" of the drug.

Ecstasy rocket pill"Bad Batch" of Molly Puts Teens in Critical Condition

It all began a few weeks ago at a party at Wesleyan University. A co-ed student group, the Eclectic Society House, was sponsoring the party. Some part-goers began taking drugs. The Molly they were taking, however, was described later by police as being part of a "bad batch," and 10 students and 2 visitors began showing signs of overdose.

Police responded to multiple 911 calls, and rushed the 12 overdosing youths to local hospitals. Two of the 12 were in critical condition.

Molly Overdose Danger

None of these overdoses were fatal, but they very well could have been. Wesleyan University president Michael Roth wrote to the student body, “One mistake can change your life forever. If you have friends who are thinking about trying these kinds of drugs, remind them of the dangers. If you are aware of people distributing these substances, please let someone know before more people are hurt.”

Molly Is Always Dangerous

But it's not just encountering a bad batch of Molly that can send young people to the emergency room-or worse, the morgue. Even a so-called "good batch" of Molly carries a high risk of overdose.

In one high-profile case in 2013, two concert-goers at the Electric Zoo music festival went into overdose. They died later that evening.

The Drug Abuse Warning Network reports that 22,000 emergency room visits in 2011 involved some form of MDMA.

Molly Rehab in Pennsylvania

But Molly doesn't have to keep putting the life of your loved one in danger. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to learn how we can help your college-aged son or daughter overcome their addiction, and get back on the right track. Your phone call could literally save your son's or daughter's life.

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