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Are Insurance Companies Denying Coverage for Drug Rehab?

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1 in 4 adult Americans will struggle with a mental health issue this year. 13.6 million are living with a chronic condition. Even more, 9.2 millions Americans struggle with both a substance abuse issue and a mental health problem at the same time. Yet some insurance companies continue to fight to keep Americans from getting the psychological help that they truly need.

insurance rehab pennsyvaniaHealth Insurance Companies and Insurance

A recent investigative piece by 60 Minutes found evidence that some insurance companies fight tooth and nail to keep costs down by denying coverage for mental health or psychiatric treatment. Are the insurance companies really at fault, however? 60 Minutes also found evidence that 10 states have decreased mental health funding in the past two years.

Maybe the true culprit is the inadequate help in this society for those who are mentally health, struggling with afflictions like depression, schizophrenia, and yes, drug addiction or alcoholism.

The US Surgeon General has stated that mental illness is the second most prevalent cause of disability in the US, impacting more than 20 million people. This a problem that affects all Americans, not just some.

Those Fighting to Fix the Problem

Congressman Patrick Kennedy was featured in the 60 Minutes story, saying, "It's an all too familiar tragedy that mental health is not treated the same as the rest of physical health. It's in the detail of how medical utilization reviews are made." That's not just insurance companies, that's all of us.

What Can Be Done About Insurance and Drug Rehab?

Insurance and drug rehab or psychiatric health can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Call Retreat at Lancaster today to learn more about how we can work with your insurance provider. We make it easy, so call today for high quality drug addiction or alcoholism rehab in Pennsylvania.

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