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New Cocaine Test Can Detect Drug Usage on Fingerprints

In the past, detecting the presence of drugs in someone's bloodstream and used to involve a costly and lengthy blood or saliva test. Now, however, a new fingerprint test can be used to determine whether somebody has recently ingested cocaine.

cocaine addiction drug

cocaine addiction drug

Detecting Coat Cocaine Usage with Fingerprints

Science Daily reports that a new research study has demonstrated the validity of using fingerprints as a way to test for cocaine usage. Researchers analyzing this technique used what's called mass spectrometry to analyze the fingerprints of test subjects.

Mass spectrometry readings were compared against saliva samples. Correlating the two results showed that fingerprint testing was equally as valid as saliva sample testing.

Older methods of fingerprint analysis were less powerful. They were only able to show whether somebody had touched cocaine. This new method, however, can demonstrate whether somebody has actually recently ingested cocaine.

Drug Tests that Can't Be Faked

One of the main problems with saliva and blood sample-based tests is that they can be faked. In many cities, there is a thriving market for clean blood, urine, or saliva. The test subject would have to smuggle in the various bodily fluids, but once they did, they could pass the drug tests with ease.

The advantage of this fingerprint test is that it can't be faked. Fingerprint testing is done in the open where noone can cheat.

Finding Cocaine Rehab that Accepts Insurance

Many people who struggle with an addiction live in constant fear of failing a drug test. Government agencies sometimes require them, as well as some employers that administer random drug tests of employees. Of course, failing a drug test is just a symptom of a larger problem: drug addiction.

Reputable drug addiction rehab, however, can help you overcome addiction once and for all. Finding rehab that works with your budget is easier than ever before, because most insurance companies are actually required to help you pay for rehab.

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