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New Wonder Drug for Those Trying to Quit Meth

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New Wonder Drug for Those Trying to Quit Meth

A new medication is in testing that may offer a helping hand to patients addicted to meth. The best part-it’s not addictive! Hopefully this will end the line of drugs to fight addiction that are addictive themselves, which can seem pointless.

Catching Meth Before It’s Too Late

This drug is different from other drugs of its kind because it is anti-body based, meaning that it stays primarily in the bloodstream, binding to methamphetamine molecules and preventing them from getting to the brain. Addiction prevention drugs in the past have mainly acted on receptors inside the brain. Unfortunately, drugs that work so deep in the brain are usually addictive as well. Many brain-receptor-based drug medications like this have been criticized for simply replacing one addiction with another. This new drug, on the other hand, would be non-addictive by its very nature.

Abstaining from Meth Just Got Easier

Researchers say that anti-meth antibodies can be mixed with gene therapy to treat people who have not been able to abstain from meth during their efforts at detox. This medication would allow for the remaining meth molecules in the bloodstream to be blocked from the brain by the anti-bodies. The difference could be enormous for some meth users, and could help relieve much of the suffering of withdrawals.

The First of Its Kind

There are currently no medications that the FDA has approved to treat meth addiction specifically. This one would be the first. A number of risky brain-receptor medications have been meth addicts’ only option for pharmaceutical help with abstaining from drugs.

Meth Addiction Requires Comprehensive Treatment

Even a “wonder” drug like this one still in the research phase isn’t intended to “cure” meth addiction. True long-term recovery is always coupled with a variety of factors including:

  • A 12-step program
  • Individual counseling
  • Detox
  • Other supplemental creative recovery programs
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