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Drinking and Alcoholism Kills 1 in 10 Adults

What can I do about alcoholism? If you're having trouble controlling your drinking, you're not alone. Millions of people in America find it hard to control themselves when it comes to alcohol. Alcoholism is one of the oldest and most widespread of all substance abuse problems. But, because of its long and tragic history, it's also one of the most deadly substance abuse problems in the world. Now, new research is showing a disturbing trend. A shocking 1 in 10 deaths of all working-age adults can be traced to too much drinking, according to new government studies. Click here to learn more about alcoholism and college students.

Alcohol: A Killer

Alcohol kills thousands of people per year, whether it's from violence, health effects of too much drinking, or drunk driving. According to NBC, alcohol accounts for "88,000 deaths per year from 2006 to 2010." They added, "Put another way, that means that binge drinking and heavy regular drinking cut 30 years off the lives of those who died... Some of those deaths were due to the long-range effects of chronic alcohol consumption at a rate of 15 or more drinks a week for men and 8 or more drinks a week for women. Those included mortality from breast cancer, liver disease and heart disease." Click here to learn more about this disturbing trend.

What Can I Do About a Drinking Problem?

If you're struggling with alcoholism, then now is the time to overcome your alcohol dependence-before something terrible happens. NBC writes, "The top three causes of death [involving alcohol] included motor vehicle crashes (25 percent), homicides (16 percent) and falls (15 percent)." If you're living with a drinking problem, then it won't be long before it impacts your health and wellbeing in a big way. And when you're looking to combat alcoholism, it can be difficult or impossible for you to beat it on your own. That's what makes the right course of alcohol rehab so important.

How can I beat alcoholism? When you're waging a daily battle against excessive drinking, then you need help. Retreat at Lancaster County can help you overcome a drinking problem and reclaim your life. For OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT, we're your top choice for alcohol rehab. Click here to learn more about how to begin admissions to our alcohol rehab center.

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