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Understanding Your Alcoholism Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for alcohol addiction in the US, especially in Pennsylvania. Oftentimes, alcohol rehab must be personalized and involves multiple treatment strategies, so that every person in recovery gets the tools they need to maintain their sobriety. If you are considering entering an alcohol treatment program, you are likely to have questions about what to expect during your care. Here are some of the most common approaches to treating alcoholism. alcohol addiction pennsylvania

Inpatient Detox Care

Detoxing from alcohol addiction can be a difficult process. Because the withdrawal symptoms that occur during detox can be dangerous, it is helpful to undergo the process in an inpatient facility. In inpatient detox care, you can expect medical monitoring and psychological care to help you cope with the fatigue, anxiety, aches, and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal. Proper supervision makes detoxing safer and helps you start your recovery on the right foot. At the end of the detox process, you can be transitioned directly to a rehab program.

Alcohol Rehab

The rehabilitation stage of alcoholism treatment starts after the alcohol has left the body and withdrawal symptoms have subsided. Rehab generally involves group and individual therapy, plus holistic treatments, and care for co-occurring issues that accompanied your addiction. Rehab may closely follow a 12-step program approach or only borrow some portions. Both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs are available. When the first intensive phase of rehab is complete, you may transition to a sober living environment to help you adjust to life without your alcohol addiction.

Family Education

Educating your loved ones about alcohol addiction may play a central role in your treatment program. This kind of education helps family members understand the factors that may have triggered your addiction and what to expect during your recovery. It can also be an important step in repairing your relationships, because education helps loved ones recognize alcoholism as a disease and any behavior that strained your relationship as a symptom of your illness.

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