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New Research on the Link Between HIV/AIDS and Drug Addiction

HIV/AIDS virus drugs addiction

Researchers are studying the link between HIV/AIDS and drug addiction and alcoholism. Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), five projects have been declared winners of the Avante-Garde Award for HIV/AIDS Research. The scientists each get $500,000 each year, from now until 2020.

hiv/aids drug needleResearching HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse

HIV and AIDS are often associated with drug usage in pop culture. We're all familiar with the stories of people catching HIV after sharing used needles. Dirty needles can and do transfer HIV, along with other dangerous contagious conditions like hepatitis.

The connection between HIV/AIDS and drug use goes beyond simply sharing dirty needles, however. The NIDA research projects are focused on exploring this connection in greater detail.

Different Research Projects Focusing on HIV and Drugs

NIDA named five winners of the Avante-Garde Award for HIV/AIDS Research. The researchers who won are studying a wide diversity of topics, including:

  • Drug interventions and how they might help people keep away from I.V. drug usage
  • Whether there's a connection between HIV inflammation and non-psychoactive cannabis
  • New drugs that might restore T-cell functioning that's been impacted by HIV
  • The degradation of intestinal barrier after HIV infection
  • Brain disorders that are linked with HIV and AIDS, and how they interact with meth usage

There remains much to learn about these topics, but the NIDA research grants will help shed some light on some of the more baffling mysteries.

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