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Relapse-Top 5 Reasons People Relapse, and How to Prevent It

Relapse-Top 5 Reasons People Relapse, and How to Prevent It

How can I protect myself from the threat of relapse? When you're struggling with drug addiction or drug abuse, relapse is a constant threat. Even when you've overcome drug addiction with the right course of drug addiction rehab, relapse can still haunt you. But you don't have to let it. There are ways that you can protect yourself from the threat of relapse. But first, let's explore the top five reasons that people relapse. Click here to learn more about how rehab can affect your health.

Relapse—Top 5 Reasons People Relapse, and How to Prevent It


One of the most dangerous factors for relapse is stress. Your daily life might be very stressful-most people have to deal with at least some sort of stress in their lives. And that's actually one of the primary reasons that people turn to addiction in the first place. People often turn to drugs or alcohol in times of stress and worry. And even when you've completed a course of rehab, stress can still be a trigger for you.

Reminders of Addictive Lifestyle

This is another very dangerous route of relapse, even after you've completed rehab. Once you leave rehab, you're free to go back to your old life. And that can include all kinds of temptation. From your old friends who encourage you to use drugs, to the old places used to go, to your old dealers contacting you-these are all things that can drag you back into drug addiction. Click here to learn more about drug addiction.

Negative or Difficult Emotions

Anger can be a powerful emotion. If you are angry, you might do things that you regret. You might do things that you wouldn't do under normal circumstances. And anger is another reason that many people turn to drug addiction again in order to calm themselves down.

Celebrations and Parties

Celebration is another trial for someone who's recovering from drug addiction. People tend to drink at celebrations, and people tend to drink or use drugs at parties or social events. So if you're recovering from addiction, it's very important that you plan for how you can deal with parties and celebrations.


This can be as simple as watching drug abuse or drinking on TV or in a movie. This kind of visceral reminder is something that can send people spiraling back to their substance abuse problem.

Good Rehab and Aftercare-The Best Defense Against Relapse

Where can I go for effective rehab that helps protect me from the threat of relapse? When you're someone who's recovering from drug addiction, remember that not all rehab is created equal. Here at Retreat at Lancaster County, we specialize in drug rehab that can help you plan to avoid relapse. With the right program of long-term stay rehab, and the right approach in aftercare, we can help you protect yourself. For Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, Retreat at Lancaster County is your choice. Click here to learn more about to learn more about how you can begin your new life with the admissions process.

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