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Oregon, Alaska, DC Legalize Pot

Oregon, Alaska, DC Legalize Pot

What should I know about Alaska, Oregon, and Washington DC legalizing marijuana? In what may become one of the most important mid-term elections in the history of the United States, three more states voted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The states of Oregon, Alaska, as well as Washington DC all voted to follow in the footsteps of Washington and Colorado. But what many people are wondering is: what now? What will happen to our culture and society, if anything, as weed becomes increasingly more accepted and available-not to mention legalized. For those who have struggled with marijuana abuse or who have fought its legalization, it may seem like a loss. But for many, the new legal status of weed will mean one more substance to enjoy in their own privacy. Learn more about how a drug rehab program can help you see your substance use and abuse in a more clear light.


Marijuana in Pennsylvania—Becoming More Legal?The Debate Over Legalization

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has been fierce for many years, and it still continues to be fierce today. Just a few years ago medical marijuana dispensaries across the country were being raided by Federal agents who sometimes went as far as charging owners and operators with drug trafficking violations. Since marijuana is, amazingly, still listed as the worst class of drug (a Schedule I Substance), these penalties were no laughing matter. On one side of the debate you have the people in favor of the legalization of marijuana as a substance similar to alcohol, with similar possible tax revenue as alcohol. On the other side of the debate you have people who have fought marijuana trafficking and abuse in communities for years who would not like to see their work undone. Read more about the landmark laws passed this weekend here.

What to Expect from Legalized Pot

While many people may want to demonize or exonerate pot, the reality still stands that the federal government recognizes pot as a substance with potential for abuse. Like alcohol, not everyone may have a problem with pot. But for some it can put their career, family, and safety in jeopardy. Driving under the influence is a serious concern. For those who don't want to put themselves and others in danger any longer, drug rehab is the best option.

Leading Drug Rehab for Marijuana

Do you have a problem with marijuana? If you or the people around you have noticed a change in your life and personality for the worse as a result of your pot use, it may be time to seek professional addiction treatment. Retreat at Lancaster County uses advanced techniques to help patients safely and effectively get out of the cycle of addiction. Whether it's marijuana, alcohol, or any other substance, Retreat provides the right environment recovery and a supportive community. Contact Retreat at Lancaster County today and learn why they are the best choice for your drug rehab needs.

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