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How to Make This Rehab Stay Your Last

How to Make This Rehab Stay Your Last

Where can I find a rehab center that sets its patients up for a successful recovery? When people consider rehab, they usually want to make sure the treatment will last. For one thing, rehab can be expensive, and no one wants to spend lots of money if it doesn't accomplish anything. But another reason people want to know if the treatment will last is much more personal. One of the most persistent questions that people struggling with addiction have is, "can I ever change?" For many people, they want rehab to work because they want to be empowered to change. But the important question shouldn't be, "will this rehab treatment last?" The question should be, "how can I make sure this change sticks?" If you want your recovery to last, you have to set yourself up with a supportive community, get proper medical and psychological care, and fully commit to and understand the recovery process and how addiction actually works. Click here to read about the role of mental health in addiction and recovery.


How to Make This Rehab Stay Your LastContinuing Care for Addiction Recovery

Many doctors and addiction experts agree that addiction is a chronic disease. What they mean by that is in many cases it is something that has existed for a long time and will continue to exist for the rest of your life. But as with other chronic diseases, addiction can be treated and effectively managed on a day-to-day basis, and that means you can live a normal life. Rehab works by starting off the processes that will give you success throughout the rest of your life. The people who continue to seek out the services offered by rehab are the people who have the best chance of avoiding relapse and staying clean. Dr. Terry Horton, an addiction expert, said, “We know from the research that length of time in treatment directly correlates to outcome," meaning the longer people get treatment like therapy, community support, and medical attention, the better their odds of a full recovery are. Read the whole article about life after rehab here.


The Importance of Therapy in Recovery

One key element to breaking the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction is understanding what addiction is and how it affects you personally. The best way to understand addiction in your own mind is to spend time in therapy with a mental health professional. Therapy, sometimes called psychotherapy or counseling, refers to the long-term work a patient does with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist that attempts to bring more understanding to the patient about the way their own mind and emotions work. Therapy builds up key skillsets necessary for combating substance abuse.


Pennsylvania Inpatient Rehab Center with Community Support

Whether it is your first time in rehab or you have been many times before, there are ways to make sure your treatment works long into the future. Retreat at Lancaster County works with you to set up a support system that will make sure your treatment sticks. Retreat is committed to its patients, and offers advanced treatments that cut to the core of what addiction is. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today and see how inpatient rehab can work for you!


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