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Heroin Overdose Deaths Double in Essex County, Mass.

Heroin Overdose Deaths Double in Essex County, Mass.

Where can I fight heroin addiction in the northeast? Essex County, Massachusetts law enforcement officials announced this week that in the last year heroin overdose and other opiate overdose deaths have nearly doubled. In the previous year, 66 people died from opiate drug overdoses. This year 120 people have already died – and there's still six more weeks to go. Heroin is hugely addictive, and like other opiates, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many blame heroin's rising popularity on the flood of prescription pill addicts who are now switching drugs of choice for the cheaper and more readily available heroin. Whatever the case, heroin overdose is reaching epidemic proportions in a county that is home to nearly 800,000 people. Learn about how inpatient detox may be the right choice for heroin addicts here.

Heroin Overdose Deaths Double in Essex County, Mass.Law Enforcement Fights Heroin Addiction

How can I avoid heroin addiction? Law enforcement has noticed the rise in heroin use in recent years, and have taken steps to combat it. But the problem is they simply can't take away the driving force behind heroin use: the incredible, never-ending demand by people from all walks of life. Heroin lost popularity in the 1980's when it was associated with dirty needles and the AIDS crisis. But as more people have turned to prescription painkillers to get high, more people have also gotten hooked on opiates. Since heroin can be smoked or snorted, its use has increased even more. The police can do what they can to control the supply by arresting drug dealers, drug traffickers, and by punishing for possession and importation. But there are more heroin addicts now than ever before. Click here to learn about Massachusetts law enforcement's battle with heroin.

Dangers of Opiate Dependence

Opiates are dangerous in a number of ways, and heroin is no exception. When users inject heroin, they risk blood-born diseases if they share needles. Not only that, but overdoses are especially common when people don't know the purity of the product they have purchased. Even if a person manages to avoid overdose, heroin is incredibly hard on the body, especially the internal organs. Dependence can lead to organ failure and respiratory problems.

Pennsylvania Drug Rehab

Are you seeking treatment for heroin dependence in Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania? Don't wait until something terrible happens. Retreat at Lancaster County is an industry leader in providing treatment for heroin addiction. With a quiet, relaxing location and advanced heroin addiction treatment techniques, it's no wonder people trust their recovery to Retreat. Check out the beautiful facilities here and learn more about why Retreat at Lancaster County is the right option for your heroin recovery.

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