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Children of Addicts Speak Out

Children of Addicts Speak Out

Where can I get treatment for addiction as a parent? Recently, Alana Levinson, the daughter of a former drug addict, wrote a tragic story about what it was like to grow up as the daughter of a drug addict. The story tells about all the times her father wasn't around-and how when he was, he was high. Tragically, this is a more common story than it should be, as millions of children around the world are born to parents who struggle from the disease of addiction. And yet what Alana is doing is positive for addicts, their children, and everyone else. She is breaking down the stigma attached to addiction by bringing her story out into the open to be analyzed and discussed. The idea that addiction is purely a moral failing that only affects those who have no self control is one of the most damaging misconceptions for the treatment and successful recovery of those who experience addiction. Click here to read how one rehab center is educating families on addiction treatment.

Children of Addicts Speak OutParents' Addiction Harms Kids' Development

Substance abuse is incredibly harmful because it separates us from our own natural impulses and desires. While many parents are born with a natural desire to care for their children and build a better world for their children than they themselves had growing up, addiction causes people to try to feed their own needs, which in turn causes them to neglect their duties to their family and children. In fact, some would argue that parents living with addiction is a form of maltreatment and even child abuse. Children of addicts are said to be four times more likely to become addicts themselves. On top of that, those same children often experience intense emotional problems that can lead to depression and suicide. By causing emotional damage to their children, alcoholics and drug addicts inadvertently abuse them. Read Alana's story of growing up with a parent in active addiction here.

Rehab that Works with Families

If you are a parent who is struggling with addiction, you might be worried about how your family is going to react to you entering rehab. Maybe your own family is in denial about your substance abuse, or maybe they have the same stigma that addiction is a moral failing. Whatever the circumstance, by choosing a rehab center that works with families, you can make sure they are educated and informed about your treatment, and you can start to heal wounds that were caused by addiction.

Pennsylvania's Leading Parent Drug Rehab

Don't put your children in jeopardy any longer. Your children and your family will thank you for investing in your own health, and in turn, investing in them. Retreat at Lancaster County is one of the best rehab centers in the country for parents battling addiction. The staff at Retreat know your family means everything to you, and they will work with you to make sure your transition into recovery goes as smoothly as possible. For those in the northeast who are in need of a parent rehab center, look no further. Check out Retreat at Lancaster County, and see how they can work with your health insurance to make sure treatment is affordable.

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