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Alcoholism Damages the Brain's Ability to Say "No"

Alcoholism Damages the Brain's Ability to Say "No"

Why should I get my drinking under control sooner rather than later? While many people may not ever ask this question out loud, sometimes it's the questions we never think to ask that are the most important. In the case of alcohol dependence, one new study is showing that there are some clear, medical reasons why it's crucial to get your alcoholism under control as early in life as possible. The new study found that brain scans of long-term alcoholics – people who drank heavily for about 25 years or more – had significantly different brains from people who drank in moderation. Those who drank heavily showed signs that the pathways in the brain that help the various parts speak to each other had broken and were disconnected. The result was that the longer someone drank, less ability their brain had to say, "I've had enough to drink, I should stop now." Click here to read more about this astonishing discovery.


Alcoholism Damages the Brain’s Ability to Say “No”Why Young Alcoholics Should Seek Treatment Now

Many young people think that they are invincible, or at least so unique that they can party, binge drink, do drugs, practice risky sexual behaviors, and that nothing bad will ever happen. Unfortunately, what often happens is as they continue practicing these behaviors through life, the behaviors start becoming habits, and habits lead to changes in the brain and body. For those who pick up a heavy drinking habit or who take opiates regularly, eventually the brain becomes dependent on these substances. And then the user can no longer walk away like they used to be able to do. As this pattern continues, they may not even realize that the last 15, 20, or 25 years they've been inflicting tremendous damage on their bodies and minds. Terrence Keane, a professor at Boston University said, “The longer you misuse alcohol the greater your chances are of permanent damage. So if you or someone you know needs help to reduce drinking, do it now.” Read about how alcohol rehab for first-timers can be a helpful and life changing experience.


Medical Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Treatment for alcoholism and other substance abuse disorders is better today than it's ever been before. The reason treatment has progressed so much is because doctors now treat many different aspects of alcoholism. While many people have success using the 12-step program alone, what science has shown is that with a combination of group and individual therapy, a recovery community (like the one found with Alcoholics Anonymous), and medication, alcohol dependence can be successfully managed.


Pennsylvania Alcoholism Rehab Center

Are you ready to stop drinking and stop putting your brain in danger? Whatever your story is, however long you've been struggling with alcohol abuse, you should know that there is hope. Retreat at Lancaster County is Pennsylvania's premier rehab center for treating addiction of all types. Retreat uses advanced treatments and therapies for helping you detox and start your life over again sober. Check out how Retreat at Lancaster County can treat your alcoholism here, and see why it is Pennsylvania's industry leader.


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