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5 Signs Your Family Wants You to Find a Rehab Center

Addiction in the Family: The Elephant in the Room

How do I know if my family wants me to go to rehab and get treatment for my drug and alcohol addiction? Sometimes parents, families, and loved ones know that a person is struggling with addiction, but they may not feel comfortable confronting the person about the problem. Every addiction is different and every family communicates differently, and sometimes no one wants to admit that there is an elephant in the room. After all, parents themselves sometimes don't want to admit their child has a drug or alcohol problem because it may cause them too much pain to admit it. But just because the addiction isn't spoken about in public doesn't mean your family doesn't know, and sometimes they might be subtly telling you it's time to get treatment-even if there is no intervention. Below are five ways your family might be trying to tell you it's time to find a drug and alcohol rehab center. Read more about family involvement in treatment here.

Interventions—How Can They Help a Loved One with Addiction?

  1. Do they get uncomfortable when they see you use? – One of the clearest signs that your family thinks you have a problem is that they look and act uncomfortable around you when you take drugs or drink alcohol. Almost anyone will be uncomfortable seeing someone shoot up heroin, but what about those looks they give you when you pick up a beer?
  2. Do they avoid situations where you might be using? – Your family might know when to expect you will be using, and if you notice they change their plans to avoid being around you while that's happening, they may be trying to avoid seeing you hurt yourself.
  3. Do they get uncomfortable loaning you money? –  Money is a tense subject for almost every family, but it can be made way worse when someone is struggling with addiction and seems to be more interested in buying their next fix than paying their bills.
  4. Have they changed the way they talk to you? – It can be little things or big things, but sometimes people change when they know a family member is dealing with addiction. Maybe they've stopped asking about your job, maybe they don't ask you for advice, or maybe they just don't seem as curious about your life anymore.
  5. Do they seem concerned for your safety? – A lot of people, mothers in particular, might tell us to "be safe" when we leave the house or go on a trip. But have you noticed that safety seems to be on everyone's mind lately? Are they saying things like, "are you staying safe?" "are your kids safe?" and "just be careful, ok?" when there seems to be no other reason for them to bring it up? That could be a sign that they are concerned your addiction has taken over your life.

Find Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Does your family know about your addiction? Have you found yourself exhausted from substance abuse day in and day out? Don't let addiction control your life and the life of your family. Retreat at Lancaster County has a skilled addiction specialist team with the experience to treat you. Retreat is a leading drug rehab center located in Pennsylvania, and they can turn your life around. Learn more about the services offered by Retreat at Lancaster County and get started on the path to recovery today.

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