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Heroin: Learn How to Break the Addiction with Drug Rehab

Heroin: Learn How to Break the Addiction with Drug Rehab

Have you ever tried doing heroin? Do you find yourself tempted too much by the lure of opiate-based drugs? What would you do to get your next hit? How far would you go? Have you ever thought about maybe that you're addicted to drugs? Lots of people find themselves addicted to drugs, and drug addiction is a disease that affects millions of Americans each year. Across the entire United States, the popularity of heroin has exploded by 60 percent in the last ten years. And it's claimed some high-profile victims-click here to learn about Philip Seymour Hoffman's heroin overdose.

Heroin Addiction and Your HealthHeroin: Learn How to Break the Addiction with Drug Rehab

Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs available, with users quickly developing a tolerance and needing more and more of the drug in order to feel the same effect. Scientific studies have shown that humans are particularly susceptible to becoming addicted to heroin, compared to other drugs. Not only is heroin itself dangerous in terms of its addictiveness, but the street forms of the drug are often adulterated with poisons in order to increase drug-dealers' profits. Diluted or "cut" heroin can cause many more health problems than the pure drug. However, the most dangerous part of using heroin is often the needle: people who inject heroin have a great risk of contracting HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, bacterial or fungal infections, or other infectious diseases. Addicts are also at a very great risk for overdosing on heroin, due to the remarkably quick increase in heroin tolerance. Click here to learn more about heroin.


Heroin Addiction Is a Growing Problem

Drug abuse for many kinds of drugs is falling, while heroin is only gaining in popularity. For example, in Vermont, heroin abuse has grown 770% since 2000. What's behind the increased popularity of heroin? Forbes magazine says, "The statistics suggest that heroin has taken up the slack from fall offs among other major drugs (only marijuana and hallucinogens like ecstasy have held steady or slightly increased among new users over the last decade)." The governor of Vermont called the spread of heroin use in his state an "epidemic," and numbers show that his state is a small example of how the entire country is going right now.

Drug Rehab Help for Heroin Addiction

Do you do heroin? Do you wish that you could stop? Do you want to get clean and kick the habit? Do you wish that you could get help and treatment for your drug abuse? If you have a problem with heroin abuse or know someone who does, you can seek help now for yourself or your loved one. Thankfully, there is good help available. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today. Our PA rehab center can help you get free of addiction and begin your new life today. We're conveniently located close to where you are, not far from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. And we're within easy driving distance of (and can arrange transportation from) OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT. Click here to learn more about our drug rehab services.

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