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Heroin Can Cause Severe Nasal Damage When Snorted

Heroin Can Cause Severe Nasal Damage When Snorted

Have you ever used heroin? Do you struggle with heroin addiction? Heroin is one the most dangerous drugs in the world, and unfortunately it's also one of the most popular. And it's well known that heroin can cause huge problems with your health. But did you know that snorting heroin can lead to drastic impacts on your nasa health? In a recent study, researchers found that users who snorted heroin had very similar (if not the same) symptoms as users who snorted cocaine. Click here to learn more about how heroin is impacting the United States. 

Snorting Heroin Leads to the Same Problems as Snorting CocaineHeroin Can Cause Severe Nasal Damage When Snorted

Cocaine has long been proven to cause severe damage to users' noses. But a new research study shows that heroin, when snorted, causes the same symptoms. In some subjects, snorting heroin lead to abscesses, ulcers, or even worse health effects. In some users, there was even tissue death that occurred in the nose and nasal passages.

What Else Does Heroin Do to Me?

Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs available, with users quickly developing a tolerance and needing more and more of the drug in order to feel the same effect. Scientific studies have shown that humans are particularly susceptible to becoming addicted to heroin compared to other drugs. The tolerance keeps accelerating, until an addict gets in severe danger of overdose. And not only is heroin itself dangerous in terms of its addictiveness, but the street forms of the drug are often adulterated with poisons in order to increase drug-dealers' profits. Diluted or "cut" heroin can cause many more health problems than the pure drug. However, the most dangerous part of using heroin is often the needle: people who inject heroin have a great risk of contracting HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, bacterial or fungal infections, or other infectious diseases. Click here to learn more about the health effects of heroin.

Real Drug Help for Heroin Addiction

Do you struggle with how good it feel to take heroin? Do you only feel like yourself after you shoot up? DO you take other illegal drugs, like meth, PCP, marijuana, ecstasy, or Molly-or prescription medications such as prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin? Don't end up as another news story of the tragic consequences of drugs. It's time to seek help today. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about how our PA rehab center can help you recover your life. We can arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT. Click here to learn more about how Retreat can help you transform your life.

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