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Alcoholism: Learn Surprising Facts About Booze and Your Health

Alcoholism: Learn Surprising Facts About Booze and Your Health

Do you drink regularly or occasionally? Do you keep your alcohol consumption in moderation? Do you ever go over the line and drink a little too much? Do you ever wonder if you know your limits? Do you ever think that you could possibly be at risk for alcoholism? Could you give up drinking alcohol? Do you feel like you need alcohol to enjoy yourself? Many people are aware of alcohol's long term effects on people if abused. Alcoholism is linked to all kinds of long-term degenerative health effects, including liver diseases, cirrhosis, ulcers, cardiovascular conditions, and problems with blood pressure. But did you know that alcoholism might be impacting you in other ways? Click here to learn more about alcoholism, and how it might be affected by your genes or gender.

Alcoholism: Learn Surprising Facts About Booze and Your HealthAlcohol: More Harmful to Your Health than Pot

It's true that, in some ways, alcohol is actually worse for your long-term health than marijuana is. Neither one is a substance that should be treated lightly. Extended abuse of alcohol will actually worsen your health more than abuse of marijuana. Also, alcohol tends to make people violent, which pot does not. So, just because alcohol is legal doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful with it. Of course, marijuana has its own health problems, from carcinogenic smoke to higher risk for accidents while high. And both substances are psychologically addictive, and people can find their lives ruined with dependance on either one. Click here to learn more about alcoholism.

Alcoholism Could Be Making You Sleep Badly

While moderate alcohol usage may possibly have positive health benefits, a new study shows that even a small amount of alcohol can severely disrupt a person's sleep. You might want to rethink that nightcap. The study examined three groups of college students the night before an important test. One group consumed no alcohol, another group had a little bit of alcohol, and the third group consumed a large amount of alcohol. The results were something you might not expect: the group that had a small amount of alcohol reported having much less sleep, while the group that drank a lot slept the same amount, but still felt very tired the next day.

How Do I Get Help for Alcoholism?

Do you drink more than in moderation? Do you binge drink, or black out? Alcoholism is a serious disease that can impact your life in very harmful ways. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn about how our PA rehab center can help you. We'r conveniently located close to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and we can arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT. Click here to learn more about our admissions.

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