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The Connection Between Addiction and Your Job

The Connection Between Addiction and Your Job

What can addiction do to my job? If you're one of the millions of Americans who are struggling with drug addiction, you might not have an idea of what that addiction can do to your professional career. Addiction can have a huge impact on not only your family and relationships, but also your financial situation and your career. Have you ever feared that you'd lose your job because of addiction? It can happen to you. Click here to learn more about how rehab is an investment in your life.

The Connection Between Addiction and Your Job

Drug Addiction Can Cost You Your Job

A new survey performed by Employers Resource Council for the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County shows that nearly 50% of all applicants for manufacturing jobs in Ohio were turned away because of a positive result on a drug test. A positive test for any illegal drug can result in losing the opportunity for a job. Addiction isn't just a personal cost for an individual: according to the Department of Justice, the abuse of legal and illegal drugs costs the United States economy $193 billion per year. Many industries are struggling to expand and grow with the right workforce, which is unfortunate given the current level of unemployment. Stacey Frohnapfel-Hasson, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, said she hoped employers would refer candidates with positive results to proper treatment.

High Rates of Addiction Among Unemployed

Lots of people have found that their job performance suffers when they take substances such as drugs and alcohol. And many alcoholics and drug addicts have lost their jobs. Now, statistics from the government's National Survey on Drug Use and Health have shown that about 1 in 6 of all unemployed people have a problem with drugs or alcohol. This percentage represents almost twice the rate that exists for full-time workers. All these numbers are completely self-reported, and so that means that the actual real-world numbers could be even higher (because unemployed workers would be embarrassed that they have a drug or alcohol problem). Click here to learn more about the costs of drug addiction.

Where to Go for Rehab to Help Your Job Prospects

Where can I go for high-quality drug addiction rehab? Retreat at Lancaster County is your top choice for drug addiction rehab that can help you turn your life around and reclaim your relationships as well as your professional life. We're conveniently located close to major cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and we're within easy driving distance of OH, NJ, PA, NY, MD, DE, and CT. Click here to learn more about our admissions process.

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