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Drug Addiction, Rehab, and Your Health

Drug Addiction, Rehab, and Your Health

What does drug addiction do to my health? If you're one of the millions of Americans struggling with drug addiction, you should know that it can be impacting your health in all kinds of ways. Addiction can have severe consequences for your health, including things like heart and cardiovascular disease, respiratory and lung problems, and even something as drastic as a fatal overdose from drug overuse or interactions. But did you know that health is a very important part of your rehab experience, too? By focusing on your mind/body health, including fitness and nutrition, you're putting yourself into a better place for recovery. Click here to learn more about how drug rehab is an investment in life.

Drug Addiction, Rehab, and Your Health


Did you know that fitness and exercise can be vital to your rehab experience? One important reason is that having fitness goals gives you a way to track your progress, which can sometimes be difficult for your recovery goals. You'll know when you finish running a 5k. And by focusing on your health, you're helping your body resist addiction and recover more fully. And, as a final bonus, it gives you something to think about other than drugs! It's the kind of healthy distraction that can be invaluable while in rehab and working toward addiction recovery. Click here to learn more about addiction recovery and exercise.

Diet and Nutrition

Another major part of rehab and your health is your diet and nutrition. If you eat well, you're feeding your body good things, which makes it healthier, and makes it resist addiction better. A solid diet of good, clean food can help your body flush out toxins, strengthen your immune system, and recover faster from relapse (as well as avoiding some of the major withdrawal symptoms). Your body is not a bunch of separate parts-it's a whole system, working together, and that's why it's so important that you get the right fuel for your addiction recovery while in rehab.

Safe, Effective Rehab in PA

Where can I go for good rehab that takes into consideration my health? Retreat at Lancaster County is your choice for drug and alcohol rehab to get your life back on track and recover from addiction. We're conveniently located close to OH, NJ, NY, MD, DE, PA, and CT. Click here to learn more about our admissions process and how to begin your recovery.

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