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Drug Drop-Off Centers-the First Step for Drug Rehab

Drug Drop-Off Centers-the First Step for Drug Rehab

Are you on medication or using pills in some form? Do you have leftover or unwanted pills or medication that you're not taking anymore? One of the major problems confronting anyone with medication is how to dispose of it. You don't just want to throw it away-that can cause all kinds of problems with public health, the water supply, or even drug users who comb through trash looking for prescription bottles. Did you know that many communities have been establishing drug drop-off locations? They make it easier than ever to dispose of unused or expired prescription pills. Click here to learn about how prescription medications are being abused, and how that's leading to severe consequences across America.

Drug Drop-Off Centers—the First Step for Drug Rehab

Drug Addiction is Increasing for Prescription Medications

As many people know, the abuse of prescription pills like Oxycontin and Adderall is growing rapidly, especially compared to outright illegal drugs like heroin, meth, cocaine, PCP, marijuana, and others. Over 70% of people who abuse prescription pills get them from friends or relatives-often from the medicine cabinet, where leftover or expired medication can sit for a long time without anyone thinking about it. They're dangerous because many people actually believe that using prescription medication is less dangerous than street drugs-they think that because doctors and pharmaceutical companies make them, they're safe. However, this confidence can lead to deathly danger: without a doctor to direct them, users can mix drugs, overdose, or otherwise put themselves in great danger. Remember, the best remedy is the same as always: a good drug rehab program. Click here to learn more about prescription drug abuse.

Drug Drop-Offs-a Great First Step for Drug Rehab

With prescription pill abuse reaching epidemic levels, it pays to give people ways to get rid of their unwanted or expired medication. If you have prescription medication that you need to get rid of, take it to one of these designated drug drop-off centers. You'll be keeping yourself and everyone else safer, and keeping these pills out of the hands of addicts.

Drug Rehab for Even the Worst Drug Addiction

Prescription pill abuse is one of the fastest-growing drug problems in the country. If you have a problem with dependence on pharmaceuticals, now is the best time to get help. The right program of treatment is the best choice to get yourself off of the addiction. You can turn your life around. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to speak about drug addiction, treatment, and the best ways to recover your life. Our beautiful facility is conveniently located in the Mid-Atlantic area, serving OH, PA, NJ, NY, DE, and other nearby states. Click here to learn more about the in-depth services we provide for drug rehab patients.

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