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Drug Arrests Are the Main Product of the War on Drugs

Drug Arrests Are the Main Product of the War on Drugs

Do you wish that you could quit using drugs? Do you want to get past your addiction? Do you know the best way to get help for a drug problem? Are you ever worried that you'll end up with a drug arrest? Drug addiction is a disease, and it ensnares millions of Americans. Once you're addicted, it can be very difficult or even impossible to quit on your own. And nonviolent drug offenders are filling up the nation's prisons-which could be you if you don't quit using drugs. Do you ever think about the amount of people who have caught with a drug arrest for a simple possession offenses? Well, lots of questions have been raised recently about just how valid the "war on drugs" is-with many people, including experts, making a stand and saying that it needs to end.

Drug Arrests Are the Main Product of the War on DrugsWar on Drugs Leads to Drug Arrests Just for Possession

A large number of drug arrests that have happened under the "war on drugs" have been for simple possession of marijuana. Data released by the FBI from their annual Uniform Crime Reporting data has confirmed a decades-long trend: America arrests a large proportion of its population, and a significant number is made up of people with marijuana possession charges. There were 12.4 million arrests last year, according to the FBI numbers, of which 1.5 million were drug busts. This was the largest group, beating out the numbers for robbery at 1.2 million arrests. And, of the 1.5 million drug arrests, more than half were for just marijuana-and 81% of that half was for simple possession. And there are troubling statistics about the ways that the war on drugs targets minority drug offenders-some have even called it "the new jim crow." Click here to learn more about the war on drugs and the statistics for drug arrests. 

Drug Addiction Needs Drug Rehab, Not Drug Arrests

An increasing number of experts and government officials are speaking out against policies that put drug users in jail-especially laws like the "three strikes" rules that some states have adopted. In fact, in New Jersey, lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a bill that would provide mandatory treatment for drug offenders rather than a prison term. This is doubtless a much better course of action, and would lead to rehabilitated addicts rather than ones who are simply punished and rot in prison (sometimes for years at a time). Click here to learn more about the history of the war on drugs and how it came to dominate our nation's drug policy.

Drug Addiction Rehab Offered at Retreat at Lancaster County

Do you ever struggle with drug abuse? Do you wish that you could quit drugs before you wind up in jail? Do you ever worry about drug arrests? The answer for you is not a prison sentence, but a good program of treatment. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about how our PA rehab center can help you get clean, whether you're in OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, or DE. Click here to learn more about our long-term patient care.

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