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Couple Hides Drugs in Baby's Clothes

Have you ever been addicted to drugs? What lengths would you go to to support your drug habit? How did you keep ahead of the cops? Were you ever worried about being caught? Did you ever worry about getting arrested for drug possession charges?

Drug addiction is a disease that causes people to do all kinds of things that they normally wouldn't. And that includes things that may look outrageous to other people. For one recent example, a couple in Mexico City were arrested on drug charges-and they had hidden their drug stash in their baby's clothes.

Police raided an abandoned house in a district of Mexico City called Alvaro Obregon, acting on a tip from an anonymous source. There, they found a man and his teenage girlfriend. It is suspected that both dealers used drugs, the girl potentially suffering from teen drug addiction. Police also found the couple’s 2-month old son. Prosecutors say that the house was a location for dealing drugs, and there were drugs and cash found inside the house. Police also found a plastic bag inside the baby's clothing, containing six paper envelopes of marijuana. Though this may seem crazy, Mexico has long suffered from the influence of drug cartels and the presence of illegal drugs. And most of their customers are in the United States, where the demand for drugs funds criminal organizations.

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