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Drug Relapse: a Constant Threat for Recovering Drug Addicts

Drug Relapse: a Constant Threat for Recovering Drug Addicts

Have you ever struggled with drug addiction? Have you ever been a drug addict? Did you ever seek treatment like drug rehab for your addiction? Have you ever faced the threat of drug relapse? Did you ever end up using heroin, cocaine, PCP, Molly, or meth again after you quit? Drug relapse is a danger for any recovering addict. And the tragic fact is that many recovering drug addicts end up relapsing, sometimes with fatal results. For just one recent example from the news, Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was recently found dead in his New York apartment, the victim of a drug overdose caused by heroin and prescription drugs. Hoffman had sought treatment in the past, including drug rehab. Click here to learn more about Philip Seymour Hoffman's drug overdose.

Drug Rehab Doesn't Always End Temptation for Drug AddictsDrug Relapse: a Constant Threat for Recovering Drug Addicts

Drug rehab and drug treatment is still the best option to recovering from addiction for drug addicts. But it isn't always easy. Many drugs have a significant barrier to quitting: withdrawal symptoms. From discomfort to cravings, to actual health problems, it's best to be monitored while detoxifying so withdrawal can be managed. Withdrawal symptoms present major short-term obstacles to recovery for drug addicts. Medical and rehab personnel can help a drug addict through withdrawal symptoms. But even more dangerous for drug addicts is the danger of drug relapse.

What Good is Drug Rehab if Drug Relapse is So Common?

Drug rehab isn't always the end of the story for drug addicts, as Philip Seymour Hoffman's tragic story proves. He had been through rehab programs, and drug treatment. And it's true that recovered drug users remain much more susceptible to overdoses than someone who's never taken drugs. So that might pose the question: is drug rehab still worth it when drug relapses still happen? The answer is an emphatic yes. Drug rehab remains the best option by far for drug addicts to get past their drug addiction. But it's important to remember that addiction is a life-long battle. Drug rehab is the first step, but it's important to have a support community afterwards. Click here to learn more about Philip Seymour Hoffman's battle with drug relapse.

Effective Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania

Are you worried about drug relapse? Do you wish you could have some help getting clean? Do you wish you knew where to turn for a good program of drug treatment? The good news is that there is good help available. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to learn more about how our PA drug rehab center can help you with addiction and recovery. We're within easy driving distance of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and we can arrange transportation for you from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, and DE. Call today and begin turning your life around now! Click here to learn more about our long-term treatment options.


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