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Alcoholism: Learn the Recent Trends You Need to Know

Alcoholism: Learn the Recent Trends You Need to Know

Do you struggle with controlling your drinking habits? Do you find yourself drinking more than you wish you did? Do you want to have better control of your alcohol consumption? Do you ever think that maybe you might have alcoholism? Do you ever think about alcohol rehab? Millions of Americans are alcoholics. And alcoholism is a disease that can destabilize and destroy people's lives. That's why any help or treatment is a godsend for people struggling with alcohol abuse. Learn about some of the new trends in research about alcoholism. Click here to learn more about how to begin the journey to beat alcoholism.

Alcoholism Might be Treated by New DrugsAlcoholism: Learn the Recent Trends You Need to Know

There's a new drug that might be effective against alcoholism. It could be a great asset in alcohol rehab. The drug is called Gabapentin in its generic form, which is a version of the name-brand Neurontin. It's been used to treat everything from epilepsy to fibromyalgia to bipolar disorder. But when researchers tested it out on alcoholics, the ones that were given Gabapentin were four times as likely to quit drinking as the ones that just got a placebo. And though there remains more work to be done in clinical trials, any new method of fighting alcoholism is good news. Click here to learn more about how drugs are used to combat alcoholism.

Alcoholism Might Be a Genetic Disease

Is alcoholism a genetic diseases? Thought it's difficult to look at a person's DNA and give anything like a definitive answer, there may be a way that's more practical. Because alcoholism is a complex condition affected by lots of genes, there's no way one gene in isolation would predict someone who can't stop drinking. But taking lots of genes together, then there might be a way. A new study has identified 39 genes that together show a strong correlation with alcoholism. “The discovery of these genes may open a new window into the biological mechanisms underlying this alcoholism disorder,” said the corresponding author of the study.

Alcohol Rehab to Break the Addiction

Do you want to stop drinking? Is alcohol ruining your life? Do you wish that you could turn your life around? Don't wait for the drugs to help you quit drinking-you can start now. Seek out a good treatment program. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to learn more about our PA rehab center, and how we can help you break free from addiction. We're conveniently located close to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and we can arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, and CT. Click here to learn more about how alcohol rehab can help you with alcoholism.

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