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Drugs Can Do Terrible Things to Your Unborn Child

Drugs Can Do Terrible Things to Your Unborn Child

What can I do to help my child be the healthiest and happiest it can be? Every year more studies come out showing that taking drugs or alcohol while pregnant significantly increases the possibility of damaging your child when it's born. Think about all the time you spend thinking about a name for the newest addition to your family. Well before you do that, think about creating the healthiest environment for your new baby. That means making sure that you are healthy and free of drugs so that you won't pass anything on to your baby. Read more about how parents who are addicts pass on addiction to their kids.

Drugs Can Do Terrible Things to Your Unborn ChildProtect Your Kids by Protecting Yourself

How can I keep my kids safe from drugs and drug addiction? Start your kids off on the right foot by staying away from drugs and alcohol while you're pregnant. Did you know that your child can be born a drug addict? That's right-if you take enough drugs while you're pregnant, your child will be addicted to those drugs. And a newborn baby has a much more difficult time overcoming a drug addiction than an adult does. And on top of that, drug use and substance abuse increases your chances of your baby having birth defects, being premature, or even a still-birth. Taking drugs is not worth the risk for your baby! Read more about all the frightening dangers of drug abuse while pregnant.

Give Your Children a Chance

How does my drug abuse hurt my children during my pregnancy? The best family planning you can do is making sure that you are healthy during your pregnancy. Drug addiction is already considered "the family killer," but imagine how much more so drugs can mess up a family when children are born with a drug addiction. You need to get into detox and rehab right away-the sooner the better. Every day that you don't take any more drugs is a huge triumph. Your children will thank you for quitting. Find out how to get into professional Pennsylvania detox and rehab that will save you and save your children.

Drug Rehab for Pregnant Women in Pennsylvania

Where can I go to get professional care for my drug addiction? Retreat at Lancaster County is a comprehensive rehab center in Pennsylvania that will make all the difference for your family. Find out how you can start your recovery just in time to help your kids, at Retreat at Lancaster County.

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