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Robin Williams-Reflecting on His Courage and His Joy

Robin Williams-Reflecting on His Courage and His Joy

What can Robin Williams teach us about life and addiction? Robin Williams was recently found tonight dead of asphyxiation in his California home. But though this story has a sad ending, we would do well to remember Robin Williams' successes. Robin Williams is a man who brought joy to millions of people. He struggled for years to build his career in order to make people laugh. And his story ended prematurely. The coroner's ruling that Robin Williams died from what might have been an intentional asphyxiation - pending an official investigation. But, what is clear, is that his death was not an overdose like so many high profile celebrity deaths have been: including Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman. So what can the death of Robin Williams tell us? What we can learn is one inspiring story of a valiant struggle against lifelong depression and addiction. Click here to learn more about how to choose the right course of inpatient rehab.

Robin Williams—Reflecting on His Courage and His Joy

Robin Williams and His Struggles

What Robin Williams teach us about rehab? Robin Williams was a man who was well known for battling cocaine addiction throughout his life and celebrity career. But, his battle was largely successful. Through various days in rehab clinics, Robin Williams got to a place of near equilibrium. And that's all while dealing with a "severe depression," as his publicist said. That's where a lot of addiction comes from: most addiction begins as you can see in order to self medicate. And Robin Williams' story was an inspiring one, a story of a man who triumphed again and again against drug addiction, even as he was battling severe depression. Click here to learn more about Robin Williams' life.

Rehab and How it Helped Robin Williams

Did rehab help Robin Williams? The answer is unquestionably yes. Robin Williams was well known to have struggled with substance abuse for most of his adult life - particularly the addiction to cocaine. And fighting addiction is not easy when you're suffering from other psychological factors or mental illnesses, as Robin Williams was. One thing that rehab professionals try to do is to get drug addiction out of the way so that patients can focus on the other things that trouble them. Because so much substance abuse and addiction - as well as alcoholism - stems from trauma or mental illness, once drug addiction is out of the way it can become much more possible to focus on the root cause of the substance abuse. So what Robin Williams teaches us is not that rehab is not effective, rather it's that even rehab can't solve all your troubles. But the important thing to remember is that rehab is necessary in order to overcome drug addiction.

Where Can I Go for the Rehab that Can Help Me?

Where can I go for drug rehab that works for me? Robin Williams was well known as a celebrity who benefited immensely from drug rehab. He waged a tireless battle against drug addiction, triumphing time and time again with the help of the right course of drug addiction treatment at a drug rehab center. If you're struggling with drug addiction, just like Robin Williams was, then you need to have the tools that he had available to him: drug rehab treatment. Now is the time to reflect on the joy that Robin Williams brought to millions of people, as well as to reflect on his courage in his fight against drug addiction. If you want to fight drug dependency the same way, come to Retreat at Lancaster County, where we can help you overcome drug abuse. Click here to learn more about how to begin the admissions process.

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