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Drugstores-How Pharmacies and Doctors Are the New Dealers

Drugstores-How Pharmacies and Doctors Are the New Dealers

How do drugstores relate to my drug addiction? It may surprise you to read that America's drugstores are becoming the epicenter of the drug trade. In fact, as the face of American addiction moves farther and farther away from illegal drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, PCP, or Molly, drugstores are increasingly becoming the most dominant form of drug distribution. Why? There's a huge change happening in drug addiction. It's the explosion in popularity of using prescription medications. Increasingly, people are turning to prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin in order to get high. And though it may seem like this would make it safer for them than with heroin, cocaine, or meth, that's actually not the case. In fact, things are getting so bad that overdose rates are rising - and prescription pills are involved in half of all fatal drug overdoses. Click here to learn more about the top signs of drug addiction. 

Drugstores and the Drug Trade

Drugstores—How Pharmacies and Doctors Are the New Dealers

How do drugstores factor into the drug trade? Simple. Unethical or naïve doctors will prescribe medications to people who don't need them. People will then take these prescriptions to a drugstore or pharmacy to get them filled in order to get the drugs but they're after. Or, alternatively, they can go to what's called a "pill mill." This is a drugstore or pharmacy that has lax rules about selling prescription medications such as Percocet, Vicodin, OxyContin,. But, even though these drugs come through legitimate channels such as drug stores, pharmacies, or prescriptions from doctors, that doesn't mean that they're any safer. In fact they might even be more deadly. When you combine prescription medications such as Percocet, Vicodin, or OxyContin, with other substances such as other drugs or alcohol, they get very very dangerous. It's got to the point where half of all fatal drug overdoses involve prescription pills

How to Fight Prescription Drug Addiction

So what can be done to fight the rising rates of drug addiction? If you find yourself addicted to drugs, which can happen even through legitimate courses of treatment, you need to find some way to overcome your addiction. Addiction to prescription drugs, such as painkillers, can have tragic consequences for your life - not the least of which is an increased risk of fatal drug overdose. When you're fighting against prescription drug addiction, there is one weapon that you have that is better than any other. And that weapon is the right course of drug addiction rehab at a high-quality drug treatment center. Click here to learn more about drug rehab.

The Best in Drug Addiction Rehab

Where can I go for the right course of drug rehab to get free of prescription drug addiction? If you're struggling with addiction to prescription medications, today is the best day to get clean. And that's why you should call Retreat at Lancaster County. We're your top choice for the drug addiction rehab that you need in order to change your life for good. For Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut, we're your top choice for prescription pill rehab. Click here to learn more about our inpatient rehab.

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