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Drug Usage Skyrockets Among 50-Somethings

Drug Usage Skyrockets Among 50-Somethings

Here's something you might not know: drug abuse is declining among American teenagers. That's right, fewer young people are using drugs. But the bad news is that older people are more than taking up the slack. Data was released this month from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The survey got responses from 70,000 Americans, and covered all kinds of drugs, including heroin, marijuana, cocaine and abused prescription drugs. And for this year, 7.2% of people aged 50-54 said that they had used illicit drugs-which is more double the rate for that age group in 2002.

This growing trend partially reflects the changing demographics-as the nation's average age climbs upward, that means that naturally drug users will get older too. But that doesn't account for the much higher proportion of that age group turning to drug use. It's definitely a troubling trend. The most commonly used drugs were marijuana and prescription drugs. But though their numbers are rising, the rate of drug use for 50-54-year-olds is still less than the national average, which is 9.2%.

The most troubling fact is that this age group is seeing the most increase in drug usage rates out of any age group. And though we may not know all the causes, we know that drug abuse is destructive, no matter your age. If you or someone you know is doing drugs, now is the time to get clean. It might seem like there's little hope for drug users, but you can turn your life around. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to begin your new life. We can arrange transportation from nearby major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, or from states like PA, NJ, NY, and DE.

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