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Bath salts epidemic leading to thousands of ER visits

The street drug commonly referred to as ‘bath salts’ caused more than 23 thousand visits to the emergency room in 2011, according to a report. These stimulants, similar in composition and effects to amphetamines, have been increasing in popularity over the years among recreational drug users and can have serious side effects. Based on the report released by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), bath salts can cause health problems such as seizures, high blood pressure, and heart problems but the effects certainly don’t stop there. The drugs can cause intense psychosis as well as suicidal thoughts, and when mixed with other drugs can cause death. 67 percent of emergency room visits analyzed in the report involved the use of another drug alongside the bath salts.


Still a relatively new drug on the streets, bath salts exploded into mainstream news after several high profile incidents last year. One involved a homeless man outside Miami who appeared to kill and begin to eat another man, while another incident in the Northeast involved a man cutting himself open in front of police officers. The highly psychotic nature of these drugs makes them very dangerous, as users can act in ways that are harmful to themselves or others.


Bath salts have not yet been classified as an illegal drug, which means users can obtain them legally online and in drug paraphernalia stores. The synthetic powder can be consumed orally, by snorting, or by intravenous injection. Bath salts are stimulants with some effects similar to cocaine, making them very addictive and even more dangerous due to the fact that many of the ingredients are unknown. It has been reported that similar drugs were introduced in the United Kingdom prior to appearing on the streets in the United States.


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