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American Soldiers Hired as Mexican Cartel Assassins

American Soldiers Hired as Mexican Cartel Assassins

Extremely troubling news came out recently: Mexican drug syndicate officers have been hiring American soldiers to act as hired killers, according to sources. These killings took place in the United States itself. And experts say that it might just get worse: vets are struggling to find civilian jobs in record numbers, and the easy money for their skill sets can prove to be just too tempting for some of them. There have even been reports of soldiers turning to gangs in order to use their training in an environment that makes sense to them, as they struggle to adapt to civilian life.

These soldiers were paid thousands of dollars to target rival syndicate members, drug informants, and anyone else the cartels wanted dead. In one recent case, a 22-year-old soldier was paid $5000 to kill an ex-member of the feared Juarez Cartel who had become an informant. “As I shot him, I was moving, then I ran out of rounds,” said the soldier, who was still on duty at Fort Bliss at the time. “I did it.” And this is just another chilling example of how Mexican drug cartels are penetrating deeper into the United States, flexing their muscles and growing their power and influence. Federal officials declined to comment.

The fact is that any illegal drug trafficking leads directly to violence like this, and to corruption of soldiers. If you're using drugs, consider the entire cost-the people murdered, the lives lost to jail time, and the health problems for everyone involved. Call Retreat at Lancaster County to begin turning your life around. We're the top PA drug rehab center. We can easily arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, DE, or anywhere else in the mid-Atlantic region.

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