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A Few Doses of Cocaine Can Change Brain Chemistry

A Few Doses of Cocaine Can Change Brain Chemistry

A new study has found that only a few doses of cocaine can irrevocably alter the ability of the brain to make decisions based on memory, according to published results. The study was conducted by researchers at the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center at UC San Francisco. Other results showed that mice who were dosed with cocaine almost immediately grew many more new dendritic spines in their brains, which are parts of the brain that can form new connections and new synapses. Later trials showed that these new connections were most likely new brain pathways that would be in place for addictive behavior.

"The fact that cocaine appears to rewire executive centers with one dose is pretty shocking," said Linda Wilbrecht, one of the associated researchers. "It isn't that they came up over night, while the mouse was sleeping. They actually came up within two hours of the cocaine experience." And though the study was performed on mice, it almost certainly points to a similar susceptibility in humans to be changed by cocaine usage. Cocaine, and other drugs like meth, heroin, PCP, ecstasy, and prescription pills, is highly addictive and dangerous.

This study just confirms what we already know about cocaine: it's not something that you should mess around with. It is shocking, however, just how quickly it literally rewires the brain and impacts decision-making. If you've used cocaine even once, you're even more at risk for developing addiction. And if you can't quit using cocaine, don't despair! There's always hope. With the right treatment center, you can turn your life around.

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