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50K of Pills Stolen from Detroit-Area Pharmacy

50K of Pills Stolen from Detroit-Area Pharmacy

A shocking report of burglary comes out of Detroit this week as news came that over $50,000 of drugs had been stolen in a break-in at a pharmacy in Oakland County, Michigan. Police responded to a report of a break-in at 4am just south of Independence Township at the Medcenter Pharmacy, but arrived too late to prevent the burglary. They saw a forced entry in the rear of the building, but no sign of any suspects. They noted that the offices were alarmed, but the rest of the building was not.

Somewhere out there there's a criminal (or multiple criminals) who are loaded with prescription medications now. Apparently among the stolen pills were Dilaudid, methadone, morphine, Oxycontin, Focalin, Norco and Vicodin, many of which are very popular drugs to abuse. The investigation is still ongoing, and the best lead seems to be the security footage that police are reviewing.

Prescription medication abuse is reaching epidemic levels in this country. 10% of all Americans have taken drugs that were prescribed for someone else, according to recent reports. And apparently theft is incredibly common at pharmacies, which are stocked with hundreds of thousands of dollars of medication and often have inadequate security (as in this case). And though it may seem like prescription pills would be safer than street drugs like meth, cocaine, Molly, PCP, or heroin, that's actually not the case. Using these drugs without a doctor's supervisions could be harmful or even fatal. Call Retreat at Lancaster County now to learn more about prescription drugs and how to quit using them, for you or a loved one. We can arrange transportation from anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond, including OH, PA, NJ, NY, and DE, or nearby cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

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