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Police Make Millions from Drug Busts in Florida

Police Make Millions from Drug Busts in Florida

Have you ever thought about how much money drug dealers deal in? Do you use drugs, or know someone who does? Have you thought much about what happens to the drug money after the police confiscate it? According to a half-year long investigation by the Sun Sentinel news organization, Florida police departments are making millions in their drugs busts. And though some have raised concerns about the profit-seeking motives that could exist in their pursuit of drug dealers, police spokespeople say that the money is all handled above board and is only used to fund vital police activities.

"The seized money buys new guns, radios, protective gear, computers, training and other crime-fighting expenses for the police department," said Fox News. Legally speaking, the seized property doesn't belong anymore to the convicted criminals, so the police departments are free to use it to fund their operations. And that's what they do, pouring the money into more investigations of dealers in illegal drugs like cocaine, meth, PCP, heroin, marijuana, and Molly-and the increasing rise of abused prescription medications, especially painkillers like Percocet, OxyContin, and Vicodin.

Do you use drugs? Do you ever think about how much it's costing you? Drug dealers are dealing in millions and billions of dollars-how much of it comers from you? Have you ever thought about how much you could do with that money if it wasn't going to drugs? Remember that a good program of treatment is the best way to kick the habit and get yourself clean. Call Retreat at Lancaster County today to learn more about how you can kick the habit and get your life (and finances) back. We're conveniently located close to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and we can arrange transportation from OH, PA, NJ, NY, MD, and DE.

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